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PBS Roman Spatha- Sold

Blade steel: 1084/15n20 pattern weld
Grip material: Cocobolo
Fittings: Bronze
Blade length: 22″
Overall length: 29″

This is the actual sword that was created on the PBS television show “A Craftsman’s Legacy”. The sword was initially completed under the time constraints of filming the show back in January 2017, but I decided to do a little extra work on the piece to really polish it up and reach its full potential. However, I have been so incredibly busy with teaching and lecturing travel, along with deadlines for jobs at home, that it took me until now to be able to unveil the final package, with bronze trimmed scabbard and all.

The blade is a traditional three bar pattern weld, two forty layer twists in the core with a forty layer edge wrapped around the outside, consisting of 1084 and 15n20 steels. The grip is cocobolo hard wood and the fittings are bronze. The scabbard is leather covered wood trimmed out in ancient Roman style with hand wrought bronze trim.

I have had my share of television experiences and have found that they are not always my favorite aspect of what I do, but Eric Gorges and the Craftsman Legacy crew were a joy to work with. These people really cared about honoring my craft and bringing it to the public in a positive and dignified way. After two days of working with these professionals I was impressed with how hard they work and how they are as much perfectionists about what they do as I am.

This is a special sword in that is was made in front of a nationwide television audience. Along with this piece you get the pleasure of being able to see its creation on  “A Craftsman’s Legacy” Season four, episode 1.