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ABS Kevin R. Cashen “Heat Treating” DVD




This DVD is the second top seller from a series that the American Bladesmith Society videoed during my demonstrations at the 2010 Mid-America Bladesmithing Symposium.  Topics include-  quenchants discussion,  heat treatment demonstrations, controlled atmosphere heat treatment in a coal forge, tempering, concepts in blade elasticity, normalizing techniques and effects, metallurgy discussion and more…



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This is the home page of and Matherton Forge, the shop of Master Bladesmith Kevin R. Cashen.  You may have noticed that you were redirected to this page from the old familiar cashenblades home page.  This is a work in progress to bring you more content and information in an up to date, responsive format.  Those looking for the familiar metallurgy and heat treat information can find it on the “information” link in the slider above, but soon there will be much more in a new and easier format.