About ordering: how to buy a Cashen Blade

I am very often contacted by people hoping to place a custom order, unfortunately due to my extensive back log and busy teaching/speaking schedule I was forced to stop taking custom orders many years ago.  When the waiting period approached 5 years and I had no way of telling people when they could get the knife they wanted I decided that I had to take a different direction in how I sell my blades.  While I try to still meet some of my obligations to people who have literally waited years, I now set time aside to make those blades that I am most interested in for shows and special projects.  These blades are then available for immediate sale when I finish them or when I return from a show with them.   This system works much better by allowing me to have total control over my designs and to have the time to do my very best work with no deadlines, and does not leave customers waiting.

Those interested in purchasing one of my blades from me can then be added to an e-mail list to be notified whenever my work becomes available.  When a blade is available members of that list receive a notice directing them to a web page displaying the piece, where they have the first option to purchase before the item is listed publicly.

Those interested in being added to the available work notification list can fill out and submit the form below:

Available Cashen Blades Mailing List Application