Teaching & Consulting

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With a lifetime devoted to the research and study of the history, science and methods of forged blades, Kevin Cashen is one of the most respected experts in his field on many aspects of his craft.  Because of this his services as an instructor are much in demand.  Kevin has been an American Bladesmith Society approved instructor for almost 20 years and has taught classes ranging from intro to bladesmithing for beginners to blade metallurgy for master instructors at locations that include local events, international symposiums and colleges and universities.

1metallurgconsultsliderHis research efforts, which include outfitting his home facility with a complete line up of metallurgical lab equipment, has earned him a reputation of the foremost authority on the science of creating blades and their heat treatment.

The vast number of his bladesmithing colleagues, and even clients in other related industries, who rely upon his recommendations, keeps him much in demand as a consultant with many speaking and demonstration engagements throughout the year.

8demo9demoKevin offers instruction on all levels, from one on one private classes to week long courses at ABS approved schools. If you are interested in training under an internationally recognized master of his craft, or scheduling a sought after authority to speak or demonstrate at your next event, feel free to contact him to discuss your individual needs.