The Blades

How Cashen Blades Are Made

It is much easier to make big claims and catchy sales pitches than it is to make good blades, my philosophy and pledge to the end user is honest and simple- I strive to make the best blade I possibly can, with the goal of continual improvement and learning for the rest of my life.  By following this simple, honest approach I have built a lasting reputation for uncompromising standards of quality and integrity.  Here are the methods I employ in achieving those goals:


I have spent my entire life studying blades that history has proven to be the “real deal” to further my understanding of the physics and design of actual blade use… Read more

Raw Materials

From digging my own iron ore from the earth to make the most authentic sword steel possible, to insisting on the chemistry and certs of the best modern steel obtainable, my standards for the materials I make my blades from are uncompromising…read more


All of my blades are hand forged by me using the ancient method of forge, fire, hammer and anvil. …Read more…

Heat Treatment

A good friend once said “Most knifemakers equip themselves with impressive tools to make up for a lack of knowledge of material science, Kevin Cashen had to get state of the art heat treating equipment to keep up with his knowledge of steel.”…read more…


read more…